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weekly graphics challenge

Welcome to huddy challenge! this is a weekly graphic contest community dedicated to the very sexy House and Cuddy.

created by: samanthaviner
moderated by: samanthaviner
banner maker: mlo1114

How does Huddy_challenge work?

Every week I will give you either a screencap/picture, texture, brush, video clip, and depending on what the challenge is, you will have to use what I have given you to make an icon, animated icon, header, user profile banner etc (whichever type of graphic it is that week, I will tell you).
I will try to mix things up and keep it fun!


01. You must be a member to participate and/or vote.
02. Your submission must not be used or posted anywhere else until the contest is over.
03. You may submit up to three (3) entries per each challenge.
04. Do NOT vote for yourself - I will check!
05. If the challenge is for an icon, it must fit lj's standards - 40kb / 100x100 px.
06. You may use graphics after each challenge has ended, but please remember to credit the maker.
08. Post your submission as a comment to the challenge entry, including the image and url versions. Comments will be screened.



- challenges will run every Monday-Friday.
- voting will be Saturday-Sunday.
- winners will be announced & banners posted some time on the week that follows the voting.


Your icon is awarded points for each place people vote it in.

First place - 3 points
Second place - 2 points
Third place - 1 point

Mod choice - my favourite of the bunch.


header made by:
coding: onebigshrug


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